With a blend of styles that spans from Bluegrass and Folk to Classic Rock, Jazz, Gypsy, Cajun, and Celtic, The Woodshedders are a musical group that defies categorization. Despite this diversity, they have honed a distinct and cohesive sound that is uniquely their own. Led by the nimble guitar work and poetic vocals of Dwayne Brooke and lofted by Fiddlin’ Dave Van Deventer’s soaring fiddle, Will Spaulding’s fiery banjo and guitar, Randy Ball’s pouncing bass, and Jesse Shultzaberger’s ecstatic drumming, The Woodshedders never fail to impress.

Their live shows are a testament to their boundless creativity, seamlessly weaving from one genre to the next, leaving audiences both breathless and eager for more. In addition to their exceptional musical talent, The Woodshedders are also skilled songwriters, crafting catchy tunes that are both infectious and thought-provoking. From foot-stomping barnburners and singalongs to mesmerizing improvisational jams, The Woodshedders are a band that knows how to keep listeners on their smiling toes and dancing with reckless abandon. 

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