David combines his skill set as a Yogi, Reiki Master and Neuro-Acoustic Sound Practitioner to create an immersive experience in Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) and Sound Meditation. This experience of ambient, holographic sound and pulsing vibrations will induce a deeply relaxed, meditative and dream-like state within the listener. 

In this sonic landscape, the listener is granted the opportunity to simply be, relax, rest and drop deep within themselves as they receive the plethora of benefits this meditation offers.  Benefits such as suppression of physical pain, processing of emotions and feelings, strengthening of our willpower, and boosting of our creative inspiration and power via naturally stimulating and producing glandular secretions of healthy hormones and neurological chemistry that quite literally make us feel good, even ecstatic. 

The enveloping experience of sound allows us the space for inner quiet to potentially relinquish erratic chatter of the mind and become profoundly aware of our entire being and its many layers of experience. After a short practice of breath work and kundalini yoga to prime the mind/body for states of meditation, the only act that will be asked of the listener is to simply breathe, be present with themselves, and surrender to the all enveloping experience the sound will share with them.