Based out of Asheville, NC, Fancy and the Gentlemen brings an eclectic mix of honky tonk, blues, southern gothic, outlaw country, and classical roots twist to americana. Sensitive and rich harmonies weave through the tapestry of original compositions and carefully curated covers that celebrate the roots of southern american music.

The crew enjoy performing as a full toms and mallets groove-infused band while staying true to the core artistry that is the songwriting quartet. From Raleigh-Durham, NC to international waters, from honky tonk country to classical music, dance, and theatre repertoire, to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, Fancy Marie is truly a virtuoso of the stage. Decades of training, performance, choreography, and instruction experience have founded a rich and innovative life for this professional vocalist, musician, actress, model, and movement artist.

Forever on a quest to attain a higher level of excellence in stage artistry, Fancy remains both a humble student and teacher of the intricate craft of performance and creation. It is her goal that ultimately these gifts which were so graciously bestowed to her be of benefit to those communities around her, with which she is so blessed to be a part.