Dr. CJ Benkert has been in private practice for over 30 years and is the Clinic Director of PuraVida Wellness. She has dedicated her life to educating and inspiring others to achieve optimal health and wellness through “Natural Healthcare”. Her personalized, custom programs include coaching, support and guidance in holistic weight loss, diabetic reversal and health transformations utilizing diet, nutrition, intermittent fasting, diet variation, ketosis and detoxification.

Nine years ago Dr. CJ found herself at a crossroads in life. She was struggling with weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, sugar addiction, depression, joint pain and had lost her zest for life. This led her to embark on a self-discovery journey, and utilizing everything she had been taught over the years, she created the “PuraVida Transformation System”. Using this system, she was finally able to get her own health back and although originally trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic, because of her transformation, decided to devote 100% of her time and energy to helping others experience the same life transformation that she had experienced. In the last nine years over 3,000 people have gone through the “PuraVida Transformation System” with incredible life changing results.

Read & discover all about her program in her new Book, The Diabetic Weight Loss Solution.  It’s not just about Diabetes…it is about health, hormones, weight loss resistance and lowering your metabolic age too!

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