Hailing from her Colombian roots, DJ Annya brings a fusion of indigenous rhythms combined with electronic music. Her musical journey began with an exploration of Colombia’s native melodies and instruments, igniting a passion to seamlessly blend tribal cadences into electronic sounds.

With experience gained in Washington DC, she graced the stages of popular clubs and shared them with internationally acclaimed DJs. Additionally, as the founder of Connectribe, she fosters a supportive environment for local DJs and creates a space conducive to learning. Moreover, she actively collaborates with collectives experimenting with the fusion of classical music and electronic tunes.

Traversing through the diverse landscapes of South America and Australia, she absorbed the essence of various musical genres and electronic compositions, enriching her musical repertoire. Despite living abroad, her deep connection to her origins remains unbreakable, allowing her to skillfully interweave the vibrant heartbeat of percussion into her performances. Her sets exude elegance and pulsate with irresistible energy, captivating audiences and compelling them to move to her infectious beats!