David discovered the Rixeyville Universal Healing Arts Flow Jam after spending two years creating a Flow Jam of his own in Malcom X Park in Washington, D.C. David’s members of his Flow Jam told him about Flow Jam Festival, and he had to go, because that not only did someone else out in the world create an event with the same two words as his own… but that Meredith’s festival was founded on the same principles and guidelines and principles that his friends helped him build his own flow arts community with!

David’s Flow Arts Community turned into his very own Circus in the Park, now called the Sunday Circus, and still meets every week, even though David is now in New Orleans teaching Circus to children and getting all of the performance gigs that he possibly can, with Stilts, Juggling, Globewalking, Clowning , Unicycling and Ballooning.

David specializes in human movement theory, and studies the current sciences that let us distinguish how flow prop movements yoga movements, dance movements, physical trainings and martial arts movements can be therapeutic to the practitioner.

David hopes to come to his third Flow Jam Festival Rixeyville, as a start to his summer this year with his beloved Sunday Circus and all of his Healing Arts community friends in the DMV.