Jesi V. Lundy fell in love with creating artwork at a young age in the beautiful Roanoke Valley. Following years of intuitive practice, meditation & engaging daily in the creative process she began creating works of art with a unique style & growing to realize the beneficial impact of the work she was creating.

These images brought to life through paint and canvas were bringing joy to others visually & encouraged a deep sense of connection to the ideas that had inspired her to create them. Her process has evolved throughout the years, & today she invites you to view these messages from a new visual perspective, to contemplate these ideas through the lens of the many combinations of geometric patterns, vibrant colors & intricate details that connect them.

Her paintings represent a variety of concepts inspired by the goal of sharing these ideas with an open heart & a visually captivating connection. The sole purpose of these works is to instill constructive, uplifting intentions & ideas into the lives of others


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